Friday, April 29, 2011

Five on Friday

Some of my friends who blog do something called Ten on Tuesday. I think it is a way to jog their creative writing spirits. 10 feels ambitious to me now, so I'll start with 5.

5. Gardening is way more fun with my children, but also seems way less likely to result in anything edible.

4. I have become quite...focused... on finding a matching outfit for me and the girl child to wear.

3. My husband is presently writing or editing 3 articles for major magazines. I am freaking proud of him. I am most excited to read his piece on foster care.

2. I have been considering submitting cards for publication. Now I need to create them, as the magazine does not take submissions found only in my mind. I have another week to finish them.

1. I think a project I was beginning might have taken fruit. I will know in a couple of months. I dislike waiting.

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