Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Second Hand Lions

Yesterday Ben and the girl child were in the kitchen, Ben cooking biscuits while E was supervising. Soren decided that he and I should be lions. He is on a lion tear. We carefully crawled around the living room roaring at various things.

Then we decided we should sneak up on Ben and E and "roar them". We had a blast the first two times we did it. Then Soren decided we should lure Ben out to the dining room, catch him, and eat him all up. The first part of the plan went pretty well. Ben has a barely developed sense of danger when it comes to lions, I guess. But as soon as I tackled him (gently), Soren jumped instead on me. "I'll protect you, Daddy! Go away, Mommy Lion!"

That kid. More of a lamb than a lion, really. I love it.

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