Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

10. We had had gigantic storm the last few weeks and all of a sudden our garden looks like a jungle. The boy and I tried to clear out about a 1 by 2 foot square yesterday and it took an hour. These huge leafy bush things had very deep and bulbous roots. It was aggravating but also quite satisfying. The girl sat in her plastic car and supervised.

9. The last meeting of the school year for my local ministers' group is today. It meets once a month but feels more frequent. The other leader and I are very different, which has been good for me.

8. We have some really good friends who came to dinner last night on just a couple hours' notice. It helps that my husband is an excellent cook and our kids are the same age. I enjoy that sort of drop-by that feels like college.

7. I am wearing new clothes today, thanks to a donation made to our church's Clothes Closet ministry. People donate clothes, other people buy them, money goes to the Food Pantry. Everybody wins.

6. I need a new task to organize my crafting for. I had 2 big events this month which were both fruitful and I feel a little bit at loose ends.

5. My sister-in-law got a teaching job. Halleluja. She will be an amazing teacher.

4. I love celebrity gossip to an unhealthy degree.

3. I am thinking about starting a foster parent support group. The closest one to us is an hour away. To the Research!

2. Parenting is so much easier when it's nice outside.

1. I made a 4 page to do list for the house. First on the list: painting the darn bathroom. I painted 80% of it in October and ran out of paint. And, then I never went back to it. I resolve to get it painted before next October.

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