Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have an adorable niece, Ava, who is 3, like my son. They love to spend time together, despite the distance (she lives with her parents in Kansas). One day after Christmas we were sitting with our son while he was taking a bath. He was playing with one of his construction toys, and we asked him what it's name was, expecting it'd be something like "Rolly or Scoop", names inspired by Bob the Builder.

"Pink-a-Licious", he replied.

"What?" I asked.

"Pink-a-Licious", he said again patiently and matter-of-factly. We don't have a problem with his construction truck being named Pink-a-Licious, so we just enjoyed this crazy name we thought he had chosen. It turns out his cousin Ava has a series of books with different 'Licious colors.

When I saw this paper in the store I literally clutched it to my chest and smiled. I couldn't not buy it. Thankfully I had a coupon to assist me in my silliness. Anyway, here's the first in what will probably be "Pixie Licious" week on the blog. I hope you enjoy.

The Paper is from Cosmo Cricket, and reads "Made from well managed forests." That makes me feel good.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red and White

I got these great flowers a while ago, but hadn't decided what to do with them. But, some of them, ahem, tipped over onto my table and layered themselves. It's hard to believe that in such an organized work space something like that could ever happen. Ha!

We'll be at my husband's family reunion this weekend. We'll see if that provides more inspiration for next week. Have a good one!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cas-ual Fridays Challenge #7

This card is for the Cas-ual Fridays blog's color blocking challenge. I really like the way this looks, not just on this card, but in general. You get a lot of oomph for your effort. The design team's examples were really cool. I'll be trying this again.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I gave this card to my wonderful husband, Ben, yesterday. Ben is an amazing father. He and the kids take lots of trips on the train into the city, or as our 3 year old says "to chicken tacos". There are chicken tacos in the train depot.

I was aiming for a firework look with this stamp and the colors. I just stamped onto the ColorBlok wheel, which has 8 colors. I stamped slightly off center so as to make each "firework" look different. We gave Ben tickets to the White Sox for Father's Day.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gate and Flower

This card opens in the middle, with the flower hanging onto the left side. I was able to use some markers to give the color to the stamp. I had read the technique of stamping with markers (color the stamp with the marker, and then huff onto it, then stamp the image), but it seemed way too easy to be true. But, ta da!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Play Date Celebrate

This week the colors for the Play Date Cafe Challenge were brights: pink, blue and orange. I had about 5 ideas right away, but settled on this one. These are great summery colors. The card kind of created itself as I was making it. I had an idea in my head, but then cut the pink base paper wrong, so it ended up having a side fold, with a short, wide panel. Then as I was stamping on the flowers (from PaperSource), I kept turning it, until finally I settled on a top folding card. It was neat to kind of just let it make itself, if that makes sense.

And the inspiration photo:
I think I might use this design to make some Fourth of July cards. I don't usually send them, but these flowers in this design with the Celebrate sentiment made me think of the Fourth. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Woodgrain JUGS

This week's challenge over at the Just Us Girls site is the technique of woodgrain background. I hadn't tried this before, but enjoyed making my own background. I used some new stamps a friend gave me which are made by Hampton Art. I thought the woodgrain looked like paneling, so I went with frames for the ladies.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cas-ual Fridays Challenge

I was able to make cards for two of my favorite sites tonight. First the Play Date Cafe, which gives colors from which you can make whatever papery goodness you like. And the Cas-ual Fridays site, which is for clean and simple cards. Definitely my area.

Today's card is for the Tic Tac Toe challenge. I chose the bottom of the Toe, er, graph?, which was buttons, flowers and twine. My awesome friend Jennifer just gave me this stamp, and the twine is new also. Yippee! The stamp is from Paper Source, the twine My Mind's Eye and the buttons are from this huge pack I bought a while back. I layered the buttons, so there are actually 4 on the card.

Play Date Cafe Challenge 85

This card is for the Play Date Cafe Challenge. This week's challenge was to use the colors Blueberry, Cream and Dusty Rose. I was able to use the new Maya Road flower ribbon. It's really neat - the flowers come already on the tulle and are made out of tulle themselves. I just had to cut it to fit. The scan of the card doesn't really do them justice. After several rounds of trying to make my own flowers, I think my time might be better spent not wasting ribbon trying to make my own :) The stamp is from Stampendous and is my new favorite. I think this card is on its way to my sister-in-law who just graduated with her Masters in Education and has a job in Art Education. She's really the best.

And the reference photo:

So, about those Cake Pops. They were REALLY good. I know they were because there weren't any left to photograph when I finally remembered I should have done so. Maybe for our girl's birthday in August :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Teachers, Birthday Boys and Cake Pops

This sweet and simply card is part of the set I'm making for the kids' teachers. I made a mixed set of teacher cards and general cards.

The flower is from Stampendous, and the sentiment more of those Michaels' dollar deals.

Have a good weekend! We're going to celebrate my son's birthday and Pentecost. I'm going to try my hand at making Cake Pops. Want to try your own? Here's a recipe. If they succeed, I'll show some pictures on Monday. I think ours will be red and blue for Lightning McQueen.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just Us Girls Sketch Challenge #87

This card was made for a church member who just had a baby boy named Amos Samuel. Great name, eh?

I used the sketch from the Just Us Girls weekly challenge. I think I will use it again. My interpretation of the sketch used a Hero Arts stamp and one of those great $1 stamps from the bargain bin at Michaels.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Camp and Birthdays

I am co-directing camp this weekend, and upon my return we will celebrate my son's third birthday. So, I'll see you again on Monday. Here's a picture of our boy wonder at his last birthday. NB: That's not HIS beer. :)

And a birthday card:

Have a good weekend!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Leaf by any other Name

Okay, sorry for that title. I was overshooting a bit, I know. Anyways, I got this great stamp set from Hero Arts a while ago in order to expand my sympathy card offerings and have been pleasantly surprised at how flexible it has proven. As usual, it was my imagination that needed to catch up. Here's a simple any time card. I think if I make it again, I'm going to add some twine around the front panel.

And, in the most exciting news possibly ever, I was an honorable mention over at the PlayDate Cafe for this post. I really liked how the card turned out and was honored that the ladies over there did too. The online cardmaking world is very kind and a nice thing of which to be a part.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am very fortunate to have both grandmas on this side of the veil and in relatively good health. My dad's mom is a grand lady, with beautiful manners that perhaps one day, if I practiced very hard, I could mimic. She also knows the difference between lay and lie, which is pretty impressive, I think.

When my brother and I were kids they had this huge divan. I thought it was a couch, but apparently there are many words for the thing you sit on while watching TV. Anyhoo, theirs is 4 cushions wide and great for naps. Hers was about the colors in this card. The ribbon for this card came from these crazy decorative boxes someone donated to our church pantry. We gave away all the food inside, of course, but what were we to do with the ribbon, but add them to our grandma-inspired cards?

I also love that little border punch. I usually just use the punches over at Archiver's, but I was using this one on each visit, and finally gave in and bought myself one. I believe this paper was even called "Grandma's Kitchen". I used all of it up, so I can't check. :)

A year ago today we were blessed to begin parenting our first foster child. She has been a ton of fun and a joy to have in our house. You know, most of the time. If you are interested in foster parenting, my husband and I would be glad to share our experience. Just leave me a comment and I'll get in touch.