Friday, July 29, 2011

Five on Friday Family Edition

Fair warning, this post does not have any cards in it. I began this blog as a way to share cards, and also to improve (hopefully) my short form writing. I do a lot of writing at the 1800-2000 word range, and have gotten pretty hopeless at the 200 word length. So, here is a leeetle post in the style of some friends who write 10 on Tuesday. Given that it's Friday, and my most important work happens over the weekend, and I should really be preparing for that work let's go with five instead.

1. I am performing or have performed 6 weddings over the last year. Each one is it's own version of wackadoo and blessedness. My husband is also performing about 6 weddings, and I think we have about 4 friend weddings in the next 12 months. Sheesh. Stay tuned for more wedding cards soon.

2. Sometimes I feel terribly, terribly boring. How did I end up a wife and mother of two, living in the suburbs with a regular job? To be clear, I am wife to one, mother to two. Why am I not a missionary somewhere, or someone with a busy, important job who drinks lots of coffee and carries a calculator? That was my idea of important when I was 12. Weirdly, neither of my parents carried calculators, and both of them are important.

3. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by how beautiful my children are, especially first thing in the morning when they are so delighted to see me. I try to soak that in for when 10 years from now they think I'm an idiot. I'm told that lasts until they have their own children. Here they are with their father, up in a tree. Because that's how we roll.

4. My brother was just named one of the Top 20 in their 20s by a local business magazine. They took his picture and everything. Cool!

5.Isn't my mom the cutest? My parents are coming for a long overdue visit soon, and I cannot wait to see them.

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