Wednesday, July 6, 2011


When I was about 6 years old my grandparents' church was having a raffle fundraiser. Being one of the youngest of the crowd, I was chosen to pull the tickets and announce the winners. The first one I pulled was my aunt's name. Then my mom's. Then my own. Of the about 10 winners out of something like 1,000 tickets, 4 of them were related to me. I can still see people's faces as they tried to decide if I was somehow gaming the system. I was not, but I haven't been allowed to pull the raffle tickets since. :)

I kind of felt like that when I won over at the PaperCraftsConnection blog last week for a comment I made. I won a free copy of Stamp It! magazine and this gorgeous card by Lucy Abrams. They came in the mail yesterday. It was so exciting to win, especially something by Lucy, who is one of my favorites. She inspired me to try digital stamping, which I'm still just beginning at. Thanks to PaperCrafts and Lucy!

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