Friday, August 5, 2011

Five on Friday

This little exercise is meant to improve my creative writing. I can never remember which side of the brain it is, but regardless which side it is, it could use a little exercise. Let's not talk about the rest of my body which could use a little exercise too. Last year when my doctor asked me how active I was I said "I have two small kids." I don't think that was the sort of "exercise" answer she was looking for. She looked at me skeptically, I looked at her earnestly. I'm pretty sure she included an eyeroll. Anyhoo, here' s more about the Five on Fridays.

5. The church is having the Annual Garage Sale tomorrow. I don't know why it stresses me out. Maybe I think I need to somehow be in charge of church fundraising success. Perhaps it all stems back to my control issues. Ah, control issues.

4. I had heat exhaustion this week. I tried to collapse at the Botanical Gardens with the family on Monday. That was super great. Not. At my encouragement Ben took the kids around while I chilled (ha ha ha) in the Visitors Center. The Garden has a train exhibit which was a big hit with the kiddos. I finally felt better yesterday.

3. My evangelism technique has gotten better, I hope. Yesterday we took the kids for ice cream. The guy who we think owns the place was joking with the kids and said "You're at the second happiest place in the world. Do you know what the first one is?"
"The church?" I asked friendly-like.
"Uh, no. I thought church was where kids went to cry."
"Not my church. At my church the kids are treated like a prince and princess." The girl child beamed, just to make clear I wasn't lying.
"Oh. Good." he said.
Later he was talking about how he wanted to have kids with his wife, and I said, "well, we really like ours." I was swinging the girl child around at the time and she was giggling. I said casually "This one's a foster child" and smooched her on the cheek while she hugged me for all she was worth.
"Oh." he said.
I hope that I changed his mind a teensy bit about what churchgoers and foster families look like. Plus we got ice cream. Win for everybody :)

2. I'm about to start reading a book called On Killing by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. It was recommended at a workshop I went to about how to help troops integrate with their communities after deployment. I am thinking about starting a group here at church, but am a long way from knowing enough to be helpful AT ALL. To the research!

1. Ben is writing an article about movies that show unhappy marriages. It's been a strange week of movie viewing for us both. The movie Hall Pass? Horribly written. Plus there's a sand trap scene which is best not discussed. The movie Crazy, Stupid Love? Pretty good. Good acting and funny use of slo mo.

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