Saturday, August 13, 2011

Six on Saturday

Often I write a "Five on Friday" post, but had meetings all day yesterday, so we will instead go with Six on Saturday. I hope you don't mind.

6. We are taking out the 20 year old carpet in our parsonage (church house - I work for the church and we live in the house next door) next week. The greatest part of the debate has been where to house the children and whether my husband can do all the work himself. It is not a question of his ability, but rather his ability to bend the time-space continuum and create enough time to do the work of 6 people. He's pretty impressive, so he might actually pull it off. I'll let you know. I would post before and after pictures, but I'm afraid I'd be arrested for child endangerment for the present state of the carpet.

5. Wondering where to go for hilarious commentary on celebrity attire? Wonder no longer.

4. I am extremely fortunate in my colleagues. This is helped by the fact that I am no more than 25 miles from my university and there is still a concentration of us in the area. We got together yesterday and holy cow, it was helpful. We have called ourselves a lot of different names, but settled on Wild Women of Worship. Sometimes you need a lot of frivolity to make it through the day, am I right?

3. Stalking my favorite card designers on the internet pays off again. I won a prize from Lucy Abrams! What a nice Friday surprise. It's a bunch of embellishments, some of which are totally off my regular beat, so we'll see what interesting cards I whip up after they arrive. They're coming from England, so it might take a bit. Neat stuff coming in the mail? Two of my favorite things!

2. A friend wrote a story about trying to return to normalcy after his dad died. It is really good.

1. Sometimes it is hard to figure out where to start with card challenges, but they are so helpful for getting inspiration and VERY sweet feedback that it's worth the trouble. These are a few of my favorite card challenges. The PlayDate Cafe, Cas-Ual Fridays, Just Us Girls, Moxie Fab World, and Wee Memories. Go get 'em, friends.

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