Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some on Wednesday

7. I made these:
It was the first time ever I'd successfully grown something, other than my son. I am SO excited. Ben and I scarfed two of them down last night. I am not often given to nostalgia, but we both were trying to explain to our 3 year old that "this is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like. No wonder you don't like tomatoes, if you're used to the ones from the store."

6. Saturday we had the girl child's 2nd birthday party. It was, in a word, delightful. She joined our family 15 months ago and was still having a hard time with the transition on her first birthday, when we had a party last year. It was such a blessing to have folks who haven't seen her since comment on how great she looks and behaves and have people who had never met her not know anything was unusual about her. She's a thriver, that one.

5. My husband is the master of dessert. He made this delightful rum-soaked nilla wafer, fruit, ricotta, whipped cream concoction for the party that kind of transformed our lives. Or at least delighted our taste buds. He called that the adult dessert.

4. I made cake pops. I think I'm perfecting them. This time I used yellow cake as the store was out of chocolate mix. Yes, I'm serious. They were out of chocolate cake mix. But, I have cocoa powder which I mixed in. I dipped the pops in lavender candy melts. They were gorgeous. I'll get pictures up soon. I remembered to take some this time. Now I need to remember where I left the cord that connects the camera to the computer.

3. I started making Christmas cards. I know, I know. Some of you think it is absurd to start cards in August. Others of you can't believe I waited so long. This year I'm not going to take orders. I mean, I will take orders, but more for quantity than design. I made 75 of the same design for my MIL last year. It was a pretty design, but it got old around 18. So, I'm going to make what I want and hope that's what people want too. Last year I sold 215 holiday cards. Yee haw.

2. Ben and I are about to have our 5th wedding anniversary. It feels like it's been at once just a minute since the wedding, and forever. Both are good things.

1. We just bought new mattresses for our bed and our son's. We live upstairs and couldn't fit box springs in the door opening of our old farmhouse, so we'd been sleeping on just a mattress for the last 4 years. Now we are on box springs (a split box, it's called, FYI) and a big fat mattress. We're about 12 inches higher off the floor. I feel like I'm in a parade when I'm in bed. Although, it has given me a better view of all the things that need to be cleaned in our room. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

Did I mention that I grew these my own self?

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