Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three on Thursday

How lazy I've become. Three on Thursday. Not Two on Tuesday, Five on Friday or Six on Saturday. I guess I'll blame the polyeurathane smell coming from our nearly de-carpeted floor. My husband took out all the carpet (20 years old at least), the lining, the nails, and then sanded the heck out of the floor. He sanded it 9 times to get it smooth. Egads! Right now it's between coats 1 and 2 of finish and will soon be done. I'm looking forward to getting stuff back in place, especially the couch which is presently taking up 85% of the hallway. It's getting pretty tight in there. But it will soon be gorgeous.

1. Aren't I lucky to have a handy husband?

2. My mom is coming this weekend to visit and we are off to IKEA for some entirely necessary home goods. They are certainly VERY NECESSARY, husband. Definitely not frivolous. :)

3. I wish all the internet commenters were as nice as the folks on craft blogs. Comments all over the rest of the internet are just vicious. I think healthy feedback is important, but can we do it with respect and perhaps good spelling?

And with that, I have completed my quota of "grandma-y" statements for the day. Now, get off my lawn, you whippersnappers.

I hope to have cards tomorrow. Perhaps when everything from my living and dining rooms are not in my hallway/bedroom/bathroom. I'm grateful to have that old carpet out, and grateful to have my hallway back soon. Have a good Thursday!

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