Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chicago cuties

In August we used a day off to enjoy downtown Chicago. We rode the Metra in, took a water taxi (awesome!) and played in Millennium Park. Here's a few photos from the gardens near the Art Institute. They have these shallow pools where people were sticking their feet in. I don't know if it's approved behavior, but nobody stopped anybody from doing it. There's something so primal about slowly moving water, isn't there?

I'm not sure what the girl is doing here, but it is freakin' cute. Is it a bird? A plane?
Dance! Everybody dance!

The boy has reached a stage where he only wants to be photographed in particular positions and at certain times. If you take it at a different time/way he makes strange faces. He doesn't usually have so much lower jaw :) I think it's very funny how dictatorial he is about photos. I usually just ignore him and take what I want. After all, I'm The Mom. Also, look how cute my husband is. So cute.
Speaking of The Mom, that's me.

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  1. LOVELY family you have, Kerry! Your little guy is so precious! Thanks for sharing a day in Chicago!


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