Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Mercies Mistletoe

I have two pictures for your today of this little card which was inspired by Lynn and Lucy. I couldn't get all the detail I wanted to show in one. Lynn made a cute square card here which got me thinking squarely. Lucy used a digi of a leaf branch here to make mistletoe. I just so happen to have this leaf thing from a Verve set called New Mercies, which I used upside down to make my mistletoe. I added some red gems and some green tiny pearls. I got the pearls in the July Card Chain Challenge over at Lily Pad cards.

About that knot: I tried to make a bow honestly like, 20 times, before I decided a nice knot would do the trick. Me and bows need to have a come to Jesus moment, or at least a tutorial. I can tie my own shoes... The sentiment here is from SRM stickers, which are so easy to use and cute, cute, cute. The card is 4.25 square.


  1. Well, personally, I like the knot way better than a bow, but I am also bow challenged. So, I checked up on YouTube (free scrapbook university, I mean) and searched "perfect bow." A ton of easy ones come up. Check it out! Cindy ScrappyV

  2. Cindy,

    Thanks for the advice and the knot compliment. I love Youtube!

    Best, Kerry


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