Saturday, September 17, 2011

Six on Saturday

Our computer is toast. That is, it is delicious former bread waiting to be turned into something sustaining. No, that' s not right. Well, it will be fixed by next Tuesday or so and I will have new cards to show off for you. I might find a few from the archives in the meantime.

While we wait, a few things that are important to my family:

6. Music Together. We absolutely love their classes. While they are pricey, they are definitely worth it. Both my kids (who are 2 and 3) can hit a pitch and have a semblance of rhythm after just a year of class. We aren't concerned with raising musical geniuses or anything like that, but we love that they have some musical appreciation. It also would be better if their singing ability resembled their father's, rather than their mother's.

5. Foster parenting. We are DCFS licensed. More info is here. I would be happy to talk about this more with you. Just leave me a comment with your email and we can get emailin'.

4. Gardening, or that strange new term I've learned, urban homesteading. But if you're jonesing for the real thing, try Sofya. She has everything from lessons in how to use butter, freeze corn, and dress a deer. All with pretty pictures and good stories about her gorgeous kiddos.

3. The boy child and I went here on Monday all by ourselves. It was gorgeous and really fun. Right up until we ran into a mom from one of the groups we go to. Then I had to worry about whether I had various substances on my clothes. But I console myself that she might have wondered that too about herself. Probably not, though. She looked really well put together. Way to focus on the important part of the story, Kerry.

2. This is the new card making site I discovered. The ladies there are SUPER nice and generous with the commenting. Of course the card making world is super nice and generous with commenting. I am so glad I fell in with the good crowd this time. Ha ha.

1. My national church is doing some important natural disaster relief. If you want to help those who got hit in Joplin, the Dakotas, Haiti (yes, still), and Texas, to name a few, I'd suggest donating to them.

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  1. LOVE hearing what you are up to, Kerry! I admire what you do--the music (both my kids learn piano and cello all throughout their school years--the young one is at cello!), foster- parenting, the worship, the environmental approach about our food and church involvement..etc! It's so wonderful to know that young families like yours care so much!!We need MORE! HUGS to you!


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