Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ten on Thursday

10. Thank you to everyone who have made suggestions for my kids' Halloween costumes. I especially loved Amy's suggestion about a pencil and eraser. I think the boy wants to go with a fire fighter (though he keeps calling it a fighter fighter - what would that be? A police officer? hee hee) I was thinking I could dress the girl as fire. Or an extinguisher. Hmm.

9. If you want to see some gorgeous cards, check out Virginia Lu's blog. She is very creative and also VERY nice. I love how she calls her husband Dr. John. Cute.

8. My church just started a Parents Group. We have two new moms in our church who were gung-ho about getting a group going, which I was excited about too. We had no idea how it would go. Our first meeting we had 10 families come. We needed 2 babysitters! If you're looking for an easy way to organize, I'd recommend There is a charge to start your Meetup Group, but it's a nice way to do it, easier for a recurring group than Facebook, I think.

7. My good friend Lee had a baby Tuesday. Hip hip hooray! And he's a boy! I'm not partial to boys, particularly, but we've had a huge number of girls born to our friends, especially around here. At the girl's birthday party we had 8 kids, and my boy was the only boy. Not that it really matters when they're so young, but we need to have more boys to marry them off to when they're 16. TOTALLY KIDDING. Anyway, congratulations to Lee and Rob. I think Lee did it all naturally, too, so way to be a rock star.

6. My friend Laura Jean had a gorgeous girl a couple of weeks ago IN NICARAGUA! Her family are missionaries and decided to have their second daughter while serving down there. Speaking of rock stars... So, prayers for Lee and baby Jonathan and Laura Jean and baby Maya.

5. I've been reading an amazing blog by a woman who lost her son a few weeks ago. She is just amazing. If you need to be inspired and perhaps cry a little (am I the only one who sometimes needs a good cry?) you can find it here.

4. Or if you need something on the other end of the spectrum, can I recommend Drive with Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan? How do you punctuate a movie? Italics? I don't think it's underline. And here, folks, is why I mostly write for speeches/sermons. No one can see my punctuation. My husband is the print writer. Anyhoo, Drive is a surprisingly quiet and spare movie with some pretty great acting and a good story of someone caught in a series of events they have to play out. Sometime life's like that.

3. I have been catching up on Heather Pulverienti's blog. I absolutely love what she does with color. She has a very inviting style - it looks so easy. As they used to say in ballet class, "never show your work". She's figured that out to gorgeous effect.

2. My husband bought me tickets to the ballet for Mother's Day. We're going to the Joffrey (in Chicago) next week. I had season tickets before my son was born and loved it. Then we moved to the 'burbs, etc, etc. I am very glad to get back. They are doing Don Quixote.

1. And most excitingly, my husband has a new job. It's in his intended field (he didn't intend to be a freelance writer, though he is VERY, VERY good at it. I'm totally impartial), which he is glad for. We've been juggling calendars all week like grown-ups. It's been fun. We went with him to church on Saturday and played in the church nursery. They have a huge train set, so the boy has been asking every day this week to go back.

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