Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trike? Tric?

One of my friends and her sister had a hilarious back and forth recently about the proper way to abbreviate the word tricycle. Most of us thought it should follow the pattern of bicycle to bike, but she stuck to her guns. It was really funny and fun. Sisters...

I started this card, which uses a stamp from Paper Source, thinking I would embellish it with some color. But after I had it stamped, it sort of seemed finished to me. I left it on my table for a full week to see if I thought it needed more. Maybe you think so, but it feels complete to me. I like the starkness of the white and black combo. Isn't it funny how some cards end up with lots of embellishments, while some just need, well, basically nothing? I've used this stamp with other designs and lots of colors. I love how flexible stamps can be. Have a good one!

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  1. Hi Kerry! I LOVE stamped images that come in a row. this is no exception! Recently I made a scrapbook page with a similar stamp! I will share some time in September! Will keep you posted :)


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