Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six on Sunday

We were very lucky this weekend to have Uncle John (our boy's godfather) and my parents and niece visiting. Since my parents also brought their dog, it was a full house. My favorite kind! We were able to get to a pumpkin farm near us with the church's Parents Group. Some pictures from the weekend:

The girl tries on Uncle John's shoes:

 Uncle John! Here from New York City! (on the left) My cute husband on the right!
 The girl and grandma read "God's Dream" a great book by Desmond Tutu that the boy got for his baptism day.
 Feeding the goats.
 Holding a chick:
 Deciding to not hold another chick, even though cutie cousin A is holding one. Of course, she might be braver because of her crown. I can only imagine crowns make people braver, like in the movies:
Yep, the man definitely loves me. I know, because even after being married for 5 years, he'll still do goofy things like this just because I ask.
 Through the corn maze with Daddy.
Thanks for swinging by for our family album. I hope you had a great weekend too. We were feeling full to overflowing with gratitude for our blessed life. If the boy could just get potty trained, things might be perfect :)

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