Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three on Tuesday: Uncle Dan Edition

My husband's brother, Dan, came to visit this weekend. He is really great with our kids. Here he is laying down with them on our futon. The girl child likes to put anybody down for naps, her brother, Uncle Dan, her baby dolls, the cats. She'll gently place the blanket on you, then pat you (not as gently - she doesn't really have fine motor control yet) and say "nigh nigh". So cute.

Uncle Dan was in a car accident on the way down from Madison to Chicago. A semi truck lost a wheel (one of those spares underneath) which flew off and sliced off part of his front bumper. Yee haw. Thankfully everyone was alright.

We had absolutely glorious weather this weekend which allowed us to fit in another zoo visit. I love the zoo, but trying to do it myself with a 2 and 3 year old usually ends in exhaustion. It was much better with the 3 of us adults on the 2 kids. The boy child even rode one of the animals (or amidals, as he calls them) that go up and down on the carousel. He's a very cautious child and usually prefers to ride the non-moving animals or sit on the bench. The girl child, of course, prefers to go crazy.

We watched a friend's 4 month old last night. He had a hard time being away from his parents and got some good exercise for his lungs. Yes, I know they aren't supposed to exercise their lungs. It was just that we didn't know his tricks and couldn't comfort him. I'm trying to look on the bright side. I assume he slept well for his parents last night. Ben and I both remarked later that while we didn't like that the poor little guy cried, we weren't bothered by it in the way we were with our first two kids. It's nice to get some understanding in how people raise big families with grace.

I'll have some cards later today. I played along with Mojo and the Play Date Cafe. I think I'm also going to make a batch of cards for the Splitcoast Stampers challenge for Breast Cancer Awareness month. They are collecting cards for MD Anderson. See you later, I hope.

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