Saturday, November 5, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday. Tomorrow is my birthday party. I was trying to convince my husband that also makes today a special day, but he was indulgently skeptical.

Our son, who is three, likes to ask for things in threes or to do things in threes "because, guess what, I'm three". Yep, he says "because, guess what, I'm three". I haven't reminded him that I always know precisely how old he is. :)

So in honor of people who may or may not have turned 33 yesterday:

Six (three and three) on Saturday:

6. My racquetball partner Katherine Pershey has written a book which you can preorder here. Like how I dropped that "my racquetball partner" bit in there? I do that now.

5. After a length of time that we don't need to discuss, I have rejoined the exercising world. It has been really interesting to notice the differences between how I liked to work out before our daughter came and now. Before she came I successfully trained myself for a triathlon. Now I like to play racquetball and go to classes, like yoga. I think I might have another triathlon in me, maybe next summer. This is the one I did 2 years ago. We'll see if I can get in a regular routine first.

4. Speaking of the number 33, that's how many cards I've made for the splitcoast stampers' drive for MD Anderson in honor of breast cancer awareness month. It was a fun challenge, with one each day of October, plus 2 extra on the first day. I think this was my favorite. It was fun to get out the paint dabbers. The blue one had crusted over or something, so I had to freehand it. That was oddly soothing, too.   

3. Two different folks loaned us Halloween costumes, so we ended up dressing both kids like lions. They were SO freaking cute. Don't take my word for it, though. Here they are:
My little pride of lions.

2. I am going to take a week of vacation at the end of the month. A whole, glorious week. I have been exceptionally bad about vacation this year, and need to use it before I lose it. I don't mean the vacation, I mean my mind. :)

1. My friends and I call 33 our "Jesus year" because Jesus was 33 when he did his ministry before his death and resurrection. So I'm thinking this will probably be a rewarding, challenging, thrilling, awesome year. And I have the skinny jeans ready for it.

Thanks for coming by. I'd love to hear what amazing thing you're hoping will happen in the next year in your life. Let's inspire one another, eh?


  1. Kerry, Happy Birthday! Your boys are absolutely adorable!

    And wow...triathalons...amazing. Keep going!

    Also...wanted to pop in and let you know that for my Make It Monday card, I start with a lighter color first and then rock and roll with the darker color so it doesn't mess up the ink pad. Hope that helps!

  2. Kerry,
    I love your blog. Happy birthday.

  3. Happy birthday! I hope it's a good one, & special regardless ~ & that you get into those skinny jeans:):)


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