Saturday, November 19, 2011

Six on Saturday

1. Today I was photographing some of my cards when something strange in the corner of my peripheral vision caught my attention. Thankfully it was not a mouse. It was Elmo. All over the dining room chair.

Someone had given the Destructo Twins a sticker book and they proceeded to use them all over the chair. We've never been the kind of people who were going to have nice things (it's just not that important to us), but if we'd ever entertained hopes of doing so, they are occasionally readjusted by things like Elmo stickers on the antique dining room chairs. Thanks to my grandma for the gift. Anyone have a good suggestion for removal? When we tried to get the ones up off the floor, they took the finish with them.

2. Yesterday I took the kids to the boy's school's Harvest Festival. They had a bunch of tables where one could make harvesty things like a turkey out of an apple, sticks, marshmallows and carrots. The girl enjoyed eating the boy's turkey. And I forgot to take it with us when we left, so I hope his teachers noticed and didn't leave it for us when we return on Tuesday.

3. I've begun an exercise routine which includes a daily trip to the gym between now and Christmas. This is a stressful time of year for my family, not only because of the regular family stress, but with being a two pastor family, Advent kind of knocks us silly. But, I have proactively tackled the stress with Pilates and Zumba.

4. Zumba is hilarious. The teacher is a beautiful dancer and the class was very fun. I do fine following the steps thanks to some aerobics and dance in my background (let's not discuss how far back in the background), but the sexy angle of the class is lost on me. FOR NOW. :)

5. I love the Hero Arts digikit Ode to Steampunk. I've used it now for a retirement card, a missing you card, and some gorgeous flower cards. I really like how flexible digis are.

6. And as you're getting in the holiday spirit, here's a picture from last year's Nativity set. The boy added a piece to the set.

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  1. GREAT post, Kerry! I love the Nativity set from last year! Thanks for pointing out that HA digie set! I had seen a few cards made from that set. It sure is fantastic! Your boy's sticker photo are so funny! It's wonderful that you took a photo of this fun scene!


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