Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mojo Malady

I had kind of a crazy day yesterday, which I thought I could remedy with an hour of cardmaking before collecting the kids from daycare and preschool. I snuck home, pulled out some papers and made one disastrous card after another. It was almost remarkable how crummy they were. After 3 horrible cards in a row, I took a little break and turned on the really compelling movie Into Temptation which stars Kristen Chenowith and Jeremy Sisto. It is REALLY good, which my husband had been telling me for months. Thank you Netflix.

Thankfully, after a few minutes of that I was able to uncover my mojo and ended up with this card. Perhaps not my very best, but also not a scandal in the cardmaking world. Now that's a funny image, all the cardmakers getting together online to gossip about how horrible someone's card is? Never would happen. Cardmakers are inherently nice people, especially online. Anyway, I was pleased with this card and pleased that I hadn't been deserted by my creativity. Phew. Now, go see Into Temptation. It's really good.

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