Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday, Monday

My husband and I both get Mondays off which we get to use for family fun. Since our kids were possessed by the holiday devil so we absolutely had to get out of the house where there were witnesses if I felt like choking them. Kidding, kidding. We hopped on the train to downtown and partook of the Christkindlmarket. That is not a market for Kindles. Aha haha hahah, I crack myself up. We scarfed down some potato pancakes, with sour cream for me and some salmon thing for my husband. The boy ate all the applesauce and the girl partook of pancakes and cocoa.

We also ate some apple streudel that tasted like an entirely different food from what they call streudel at the grocery store. Holy cow. We split it 4 ways and were still swooning over it on our way back to the train. 

"Mommy, train!" says the boy. "Mommmmmeeeee! Choo choo! Choo choo!" says the girl.  (Yes, she picked out that hat. Why?)

Here the girl and I are next to the manger scene. That's not a camel in downtown Chicago. Those are only in the suburbs.She has perfected her riding-on-shoulder technique. She gently holds onto the side of my face, rather than trying to direct me using my hair like the rat in Ratatouille.

 Waiting for Santa, watching the model trains.Who wouldn't give this kid whatever he wanted? Oh, right. His scroogey parents. We just give him some of what he asks nicely for.

The boy is not entirely sure about this, despite demanding we wait in line for Santa. The girl calls out "Sansa! Sansa!" every time she sees something red and white. Anyway, we were glad to see him, even if we have complicated feelings about Santa's role in celebrating the birth of the Christ child.

Who don't we have complicated feelings about? Our friends from Geneva. Look how cute their girls are!
And yes, our girl is now choosing her own clothes. What? You don't wear your red Univ of Wisconsin sweatshirt with flowered pants? Whyever not?

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  1. Looks like you picked a great day to go to the Christkindlmarket! We went there saturday and it was horrendously crowded, too crowded to buy food or see Santa. But we did enjoy seeing the Eternal Flame/Pigeon Warming Station.


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