Saturday, December 3, 2011

Six on Saturday

6. My husband accuses me of hating everything made for children, like Caillou, Barney, certain books that are dumb. It's mostly a joke (though I will maintain to the grave that Barney is just insufferable) but I suspect that Santa is going to be the death of me this year. With the boy at age 3 and the girl at 2, they shout "Santa! Santa!" at every single one in the yards of our neighbors while we cruise the neighborhood. I don't want to hate, I think Saint Nicholas was awesome, but the blackmail-y aspects of Santa are a little troubling. He sees you when you're sleeping? How and why?

5. We went to a church family's house today for our village's tree lighting. There were tasty treats, other kids for mine to play with and moms who were fun. Man, it's nice to be normal every once in a while. Of course, we had to leave at 8 so we could get home in time to be rested and prepared for worship tomorrow. Oh well. Close to normal is probably closer than we usually are. Hee hee.

4. I made a special Christmas present for my parents' dog today. She is just incredibly sweet. She is a therapy dog, and goes with my mom to the local hospital and children's transitional living center. She has an uncanny knack for knowing who needs a little loving. She is so calming, she pretty much lowers the blood pressure of all those around her by simply being close. They are affiliated through these folks.

3. The boy and I were home yesterday and made some awesome ginger cookies. We didn't have time in our busy schedule (yeah, right) to make them into gingerbread people, but because of the big recipe, we made something like 80 of them. We'll have enough to give to people for all sorts of host/ess gifts this season.

2. Are you watching Sons of Anarchy yet? Because I'll just keep recommending it until you do. Haven't ever considered how Hamlet could be reworked into a motorcycle drama? Consider no longer. :) The season finale is next week.

1. Oh, were you waiting for adorable pictures of my adorable children? No problem! Some photos from our trip to Grandma and Grandpa's in Kansas last week:
Yes, those shoes are sparkly, and the skirt is ruffly.

We met Theo, who is one of my husband's best friends a few weeks ago for dinner. Instead of bread rolls they give you popcorn. Yum!

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  1. Love the pics of your beautiful kids. And I both giggle and shudder at their fascination with Santa. Hmm. Consumerism or Christ in culture?


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