Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some on Tuesday

In the next 12 days I have 5 worship services to lead. I say that not because I feel sorry for myself, but to explain why I'm probably going to need to disappear for a few weeks. DON'T PANIC. Kidding, kidding. I hope that this is a holy and blessed time for you too.

In case you miss me, how about checking in on these people?

Katherine Willis Pershey, writer, pastor, mother, racquetball partner extraordinaire.

Lee Hull Moses, ditto, except for the racquetball. She's a runner.

Rage against the Minivan. This blog is doing a series of reader-submitted essays called "What I want you to Know". They are brilliant and gorgeous. Today's was about a woman who works in an orphanage. They are about all sorts of topics.

Alex Waller, politics, religion, sciency things.

I'm hoping for some carding time tonight. If I can manage it, I'll share soon. Thank you very much for coming by. It means more to me than I can say.

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  1. Hey. How do you know I'm not an extraordinary racquetball partner? Maybe I have a secret racquetball life that you just don't know about...


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