Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello Brad

This week my son and I went to buy supplies at JoAnns for his reading adventure. He is three and loves to read. But, we have been busy recently and have neglected to read beyond the bedtime ritual. I was kind of feeling like a failure as a mother, so of course I resorted to crafting supplies to ease the feeling. He and I bought a posterboard and transportation stickers. He has to read (with us, obviously) 50 books before we take him to Chucky Cheese. We hadn't been to old CC's since we ourselves were children, until some friends took us in the fall. It made a big impression on the kids. So, that's the plan. He's about 22 books in so far.

While we were there, I saw these fabric brads. I picked them up, and in a voice not unlike his father's, he said "What are THOSE for?" Ha. They are from K and Company and come in a mix of colors from this shade to teal. Very pretty. Thanks for coming by!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Burlap Birds and Clownfish Love

I made this simple little card using an Inkadinkadoo stamp. It's a little more flourishy than my normal style, but I think it will be great for some masculine cards. I've been loving on cards with burlap recently, so expect some more from me soon.

My parents, niece and their dog are all here for a long weekend. The boy's preschool musical was last night. Some of you asked to see his costume. Unfortunately he took the stripes off and moved them around during the show, so they're kind of grouped in a hump. I didn't send it to school looking like that :) But, most importantly, he loved it and it was SO GREAT seeing him in a somewhat big production like that.

We were in the back row of the church. Not mine - they were using one of the teachers' churches nearby.
And since we were in the back, Ben put the girl on his shoulders to see better.
Here's my adorable clownfish.

And, as part of the clownfish Fan Club, all of the girls (me, our daughter and niece) painted our nails orange with a white stripe. Our son seemed appropriately touched. Ha.
Thank you to those who asked to see his costume. Here's the story that let you know about my clownfish costume related insanity.

Friday, January 27, 2012

One Layer Tweetheart

I'm playing along again with the One Layer Wednesday challenge. For this card  I used the Hero Arts digikit Tweetheart. It has quite a few cutie pie birds, but I chose just one, which comes in either black or orange. Orange is my pop of color. I changed the tree and stump to greyscale per the challenge rules. I think I will send this to my niece for Valentine's Day. Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tulip Girls

How pretty is this new Newspaper Tulip stamp from Hero Arts? I paired it with some white and pink paper. I border punched the pink paper using a new Fiskars punch, which I love. I pop dotted up the panel with the tulip. The card is for the Just Us Girls challenge to use red, pink and white.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PaperTrey Blog Hop

I am super excited to be playing along with this month's Papertrey blog hop. The challenge was to use your favorite card made in 2011 as inspiration for a new card in 2012. I loved how this card turned out:
I stamped the taller bulb thing over and over, and the smaller bulb thing on both ends, twice on the right. The bird in red finished it off. This is only about 10% of the stamp set. It's an awesome set with a lot of options for a variety of occasions.

I used the bird and the repetition of the bulb images as inspiration for this card:

Thank you so much for coming by!

Supplies: Grunge Me stamp set, distress inks, various colors

Good Reads

These are a few links to things I thought were good uses of the internet :) Click on the title to read more, what is below the title is an excerpt.

The Girl Who 
I watch as firefighters break into Henry's bedroom window and begin spraying water. They are everywhere now, the firefighters. I count five fire trucks before turning my attention back to my house. Flames are shooting from Violet's bedroom windows and the roof above her bedroom. I think of getting her dressed in that room just hours before. Had the fire been burning then? I smelled smoke all morning, but had assumed it was the neighbor's wood burning stove. On really windy days the smoke from his chimney blows right into our house and smells like burning wood. Had I been smelling our own house on fire? Yes, I was, as it turns out. Fire in the walls. In Violet's walls. 

The Blogess
Laura:  The puppies are a metaphor, Jenny.  Don’t really buy a bunch of puppies when you’re mad.  Everyone always regrets angry revenge puppies. me:  Oh, I’m getting puppies.   There’s gonna be puppies everywhere.  And then when Victor is all “WHERE ARE ALL THESE PUPPIES COMING FROM?” I’d just say “These puppies came from you.  You brought these puppies into our house.  With your wrongness.”  And then he’d complain that I was the one that kept sneaking puppies in and I’d have to explain that his actions brought the puppies in.  And then he’d realize just how crazy it is to fight about ridiculous shit for no reason at all.  Also, the puppies get shafted because we aren’t responsible enough to have that many puppies.  I mean, think about the puppies, Victor.

“It was once suggested to me that as an antidote to crying, I put my head in a paper bag. As it happens, there is a sound physiological reason, something to do with oxygen, for doing exactly that, but the psychological effect alone is incalculable. It is difficult in the extreme to continue fancying oneself Cathy in Wuthering Heights with one’s head in a food fair bag. There is a similar case for all the small disciplines, unimportant in themselves; imagine maintaining any sort of swoon, commiserate or carnal, in a cold shower.” (Joan Didion)

Librarian Hey Girl 

You've  seen this, right? It's brilliant and hilarious and RYAN GOSLING. Ahem. One of my churchmembers, who is a librarian, suggested we do one for pastors, too. "Hey girl, I signed up for the evangelism team."

Sit a Spell
We have seed packets, and dirt, and cups.  We'll get earth under our fingernails, hold tiny seeds in our hands, and think of all the hope they bring...of the promises and life they contain.  We'll be reminded that while the world is cold and gray, something new is breaking forth in the dark...hidden from our view.  New life is coming!  Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not growing.  With expectancy, we'll care for these tiny seed promises during this time of uncertainty. When we transplant them into our new yard, we'll rejoice at the message one tiny seed can teach a family of souls. And then let's face it.  We'll probably kill all those sweet plants because we can't grow a garden to save our lives. But. So. What.

Go Fug Yourself
Commentary on celebrity fashion to hilarious up your day. And yes, I know "hilarious up" is not an expression. YET. Eh? Eh?

Black and White and Clean and Simple All Over

This new stamp from Hero Arts really does all the work, doesn't it? :) I stamped it in black, added one of the sentiments from the same set, and a little twine bow and called it done. This is for the CAS-ual Fridays challenge to make a card that is black and white only. They are celebrating Penguin Awareness Day. How fun.

I'm also throwing this in the ring at the Simon Says Stamp challenge for Anything Goes. There's still lots of time to play along :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Layer Card

Edited: I was able to get a better picture from my office, so I have switched out the previous one. Hooray for playing hooky. Er, working hard, I mean.

All the stamps on this card come from the PaperTrey set Grunge Me. It is really versatile. I inked up the edges with linen distress ink. I was trying to make it look like that :)
I am playing along with the One Layer Wednesday Challenge to make a one layer birthday card for a man.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Paper Smooches and Ribbon Carousel Challenges

I am playing along the the Paper Smooches Sparks challenge and the Ribbon Carousel Challenge. The design of this card came from the RCC, and the gorgeous sentiment, which is embossed in black is a Paper Smooches stamp. I had been coveting the PS stamp for probably six months after seeing it in a Paper Crafts magazine card, and finally succumbed. It stamps like a dream and is so much fun.

The patterned papers here are both Authentique collections. The green damask is from their Christmas collection. It's so nice to stretch it past Christmas season. The other papers are from the same collection which has a number of awesome pink designs. I chose a polka dot base for the panel (which is popdotted up) to mimic the wallpaper in the PS inspiration photo. The damask patterned papers were inspired by the comforter. Or duvet? I don't know what's the proper word. I grew up in Kansas where we call it a comforter, but my Wisconsin in-laws call it a duvet. Perhaps one has stuffing? Whoa, got a little off track there. Sorry.

I used some button twine in the middle. I just bought a huge spool of it, so be ready for 100% of my cards to have twine, unlike previously when only 97% did. :) Have a good Monday!

The Paper Smooches inspiration photo: 

and the Ribbon Carousel Sketch:

 We would love you to include our SPARKS banner (shown on the right column) somewhere on your post.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I had a lovely, productive evening last night, so I have a bunch of cards to share this week. This is my second post for today. This little card came from a sketch on Mojo Mondays. I decided to use flowers instead of a scalloped circle and twine instead of a strip in the middle. I really enjoy making cards from sketches.

While I was posting this blog I noticed I hadn't heard anything from my 3 year old in about 5 minutes. When I called up to him in the bathroom, where I could hear the water running, he told me he was making meatballs and spaghetti. He was doing that, I discovered when I went in, by putting Kleenex in the sink, adding water and soap, and stirring it all with his toothbrush. Very clever, very gross. Always worry when you can't hear them.

Here's the Mojo sketch:

Colour Q

I am playing along with the Colour Q challenge for the first time. I often mean to, but miss the deadline. But, voila, today I made it in the nick of time. The colors for today were Bravo Burgundy, Rich Razzleberr, Wisteria Wonder, Island Indigo and White. I used one of my Verve stamp sets along with a sentiment from Hero Arts.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This week

I got glasses, so that people would know I was serious. (I don't actually need them, but have had a lifelong love of glasses, perhaps because I don't actually need them. It's weird, I know.)

Ben had a monkey on his back.

So he made us apple bread. And wore the shirt the boy and I made for him last Father's Day. You didn't know there was a tilda over the A in Daddy?

The boy competes for cutest award. Ties for first place with his sister. (Jeez, when did I get so sappy?).

They discovered a way to spring her from her room before Mom and Dad got up. No, that stool was not in there when they went to bed. And they definitely must have messed up the room when we weren't looking. Our house is always immaculate. And by "always", I mean, only when Grandma visits. 

The snow came.
All in all, a really good week. I hope you had a really good week too.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lucy Inspiration Day 5

I wanted to play with Lucy's Inspiration challenge. This day's challenge photo Is her daughter's play mat (picture below). I loved the bright colors. I used the Echo Park collection Little Boy and made a grid. I experimented with my new border punch to give it a quilted look. This was quite a bit of fun to make - it required a surprising amount of math and precision.

Here's the inspiration photo:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scalloped Simplicity

The challenge this week over at CAS-ual Fridays was to create a paper item with scallops. I wanted to try my hand at a one layer card, so I chose to add my scallops by hand. I traced a piece of my border punch (Fiskars) in blue around the main image, the purple embossed flourishy bird (Inkadinadoo). I'm going to hold off and add a sentiment when I know what I need this little buddy for. The card itself is white. I appreciate you coming by.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stripedy Do Dah, What a Wonderful Day

New stamps! New stamps! They finally arrived!  I am using inspiration from the Clean and Simple Card class, Runway Inspired challenge and the Simon Says Stamp challenge for stripes. Whew. :)

The main image is from the Hero Arts stamp set This is Big. This one is going to get a lot of work.

I chose to use the rainbow striped paper, like the model's dress. The square is to imitate (sort of) the triangle of the handbag. The model is showing a lot of skin, too, so I wanted to keep the main image small. That's my thought process :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

There's no pants like snow pants

Snow! Finally! We didn't move to Chicago to have temperate winters! Bring me snow! Also, bring me adorable children in snow pants, because, seriously, adorable, right?

And here's where I share a picture of my husband making a hilarious face, and he wishes he had administrator privileges on my blog so he could delete it. But, ha ha ha. I didn't have any good pictures of the front of him (I had a bunch of his bum - I wonder why), so this weird one will have to do.
And the boy child, wearing what was formerly his mother's hat and his father's scarf. We don't know why his head at age 3 is the same size as his mother's at, ahem, 29. Or whatever age I am now.
We forgot to dress the baby in weather appropriate attire. Fortunately she survived. The girl insists on all of her dolls being naked all of the time. Which is strange, because when left to her own devices she will dress herself in 3 or 4 layers including her winter coat while inside.
Aunt Amy, thanks for leaving your hat in our car over Christmas break. I used it, since I  wasn't vain like usual and decided to wear a hat instead of freezing my head off.
Here we are sledding on the church/our house's parking lot. Usually away from the recycling bin, but you know, stuff happens.
The baby likes to sled too. I guess she did have a hat on after all.
Snow angel at the park.
Angel at the house. Sorry, too sappy? I just lurve these children.

Are you having awesome fun weather?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

With Sympathy

I played with the Hero Arts Flickr 90 Minute Scramble. The challenge was to stamp on patterned paper. I used some pretty striped pp from My Mind's Eye. It also has a very faint french writing on it. The stamps are from Hero Arts. Sorry for the crummy photo.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I created this card for a challenge deadline I accidentally missed. The challenge was to use vellum. I like to white emboss flowers on white vellum, which I did here. I also made the card base out of vellum. It was surprisingly sturdy, which I was pleased to discover. It was a total experiment to see if that would work. Thanks for coming by!

Here's a different angle:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fast Flags

I made this little card for one of the Hero Arts Flickr group 90 minute scrambles. The paper is Basic Grey Life of the Party collection, which I stamped the flags onto. Easy, peasy :)

Lucy Inspiration Day 3

Holy mackeral! Okay, sorry about that. When Lucy put up the picture of her girl's octopus toy for inspiration, I immediately thought of this stamp set. Then I pulled out all of my bright stamp pads and was kind of at a loss. I've been weeding out the ones that weren't giving me a good image for whatever reason which left me kind of short. But, then I remembered I'd bought the whole set of Dew drops at Hobby Lobby a week or so ago. Voila! These ink pads are fantastic. A totally crisp image in interesting colors.

I finished the card without the burlap, but it looked undone. I left it for about a half hour before deciding to add some. I know it doesn't really make sense, given that the fish are underwater, but I thought it added the right touch. This was a strange card creation process, as you can read :) Here's the toy inspiration:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lucy Inspiration Day 1

Lucy is now hosting a week of inspiration photos. I began this little buddy (as my 3 year old says) with some My Mind's Eye paper. It is a white on white flower pattern, which you can kind of see on the left. I was inspired by the shape of her cut-away, so I put my Verve flower stamp on a die cut. I also wanted to mirror the paneling with some score lines. I used some deep purple ribbon and a border punch for a little more impact (I hope). Thank you so much for coming by. I love it when you do.

Thanks to Colleen who pointed me towards the Play Date Cafe colors for the week. Aren't they gorgeous? And how cute are those girls in the corner? Good grief. Makes me want to have a bunch more girl children so they can be cute together. I can see my husband's face now as he reminds me, patiently, we could just encourage our girl child to make friends. I guess that would work too :)