Saturday, January 28, 2012

Burlap Birds and Clownfish Love

I made this simple little card using an Inkadinkadoo stamp. It's a little more flourishy than my normal style, but I think it will be great for some masculine cards. I've been loving on cards with burlap recently, so expect some more from me soon.

My parents, niece and their dog are all here for a long weekend. The boy's preschool musical was last night. Some of you asked to see his costume. Unfortunately he took the stripes off and moved them around during the show, so they're kind of grouped in a hump. I didn't send it to school looking like that :) But, most importantly, he loved it and it was SO GREAT seeing him in a somewhat big production like that.

We were in the back row of the church. Not mine - they were using one of the teachers' churches nearby.
And since we were in the back, Ben put the girl on his shoulders to see better.
Here's my adorable clownfish.

And, as part of the clownfish Fan Club, all of the girls (me, our daughter and niece) painted our nails orange with a white stripe. Our son seemed appropriately touched. Ha.
Thank you to those who asked to see his costume. Here's the story that let you know about my clownfish costume related insanity.

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