Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello Brad

This week my son and I went to buy supplies at JoAnns for his reading adventure. He is three and loves to read. But, we have been busy recently and have neglected to read beyond the bedtime ritual. I was kind of feeling like a failure as a mother, so of course I resorted to crafting supplies to ease the feeling. He and I bought a posterboard and transportation stickers. He has to read (with us, obviously) 50 books before we take him to Chucky Cheese. We hadn't been to old CC's since we ourselves were children, until some friends took us in the fall. It made a big impression on the kids. So, that's the plan. He's about 22 books in so far.

While we were there, I saw these fabric brads. I picked them up, and in a voice not unlike his father's, he said "What are THOSE for?" Ha. They are from K and Company and come in a mix of colors from this shade to teal. Very pretty. Thanks for coming by!

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