Monday, January 16, 2012

There's no pants like snow pants

Snow! Finally! We didn't move to Chicago to have temperate winters! Bring me snow! Also, bring me adorable children in snow pants, because, seriously, adorable, right?

And here's where I share a picture of my husband making a hilarious face, and he wishes he had administrator privileges on my blog so he could delete it. But, ha ha ha. I didn't have any good pictures of the front of him (I had a bunch of his bum - I wonder why), so this weird one will have to do.
And the boy child, wearing what was formerly his mother's hat and his father's scarf. We don't know why his head at age 3 is the same size as his mother's at, ahem, 29. Or whatever age I am now.
We forgot to dress the baby in weather appropriate attire. Fortunately she survived. The girl insists on all of her dolls being naked all of the time. Which is strange, because when left to her own devices she will dress herself in 3 or 4 layers including her winter coat while inside.
Aunt Amy, thanks for leaving your hat in our car over Christmas break. I used it, since I  wasn't vain like usual and decided to wear a hat instead of freezing my head off.
Here we are sledding on the church/our house's parking lot. Usually away from the recycling bin, but you know, stuff happens.
The baby likes to sled too. I guess she did have a hat on after all.
Snow angel at the park.
Angel at the house. Sorry, too sappy? I just lurve these children.

Are you having awesome fun weather?

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