Saturday, January 21, 2012

This week

I got glasses, so that people would know I was serious. (I don't actually need them, but have had a lifelong love of glasses, perhaps because I don't actually need them. It's weird, I know.)

Ben had a monkey on his back.

So he made us apple bread. And wore the shirt the boy and I made for him last Father's Day. You didn't know there was a tilda over the A in Daddy?

The boy competes for cutest award. Ties for first place with his sister. (Jeez, when did I get so sappy?).

They discovered a way to spring her from her room before Mom and Dad got up. No, that stool was not in there when they went to bed. And they definitely must have messed up the room when we weren't looking. Our house is always immaculate. And by "always", I mean, only when Grandma visits. 

The snow came.
All in all, a really good week. I hope you had a really good week too.

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  1. Awww...super cute! I really enjoyed our time this week. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


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