Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inchie Scramble

I'm playing along again with the Hero Arts Flickr group 90 minute scramble. It's a biweekly challenge, and this week's challenge was to make a card with inchies. Inchie card are simply cards with something 1x1 inches on them. They're super fun. You can make collages, like I did here, or cut apart a larger image to look like a window, or any other combo where there are several pieces of 1 by 1 images attached. I was pretty eager to use my new My Happy stamp set which Ben bargained me for in exchange for a night of guy time. Good trade, right? I have about a million cards planned for this set. Sometimes that makes the waiting easier, I think, when you can plan for what you'll do when the stamp comes in the mail. Happy Saturday!

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