Sunday, March 25, 2012

PaperTrey Hop

Edited: I can't get Nichole's blog to load. Can anyone help me out? I've been trying for a couple hours, off and on, obviously. Anyone else having trouble?

I had kind of a hard time making this card. Well, not this card in particular, but the inspiration photo and I fought for a while. I made a couple of hideous, fancy cards before calming down and going simple. I liked the patterns on the inspiration photo, as well as the color. I had been hoarding this ribbon from some Christmas paper wrapping. It's funny how some cards come easy and others take a couple different tries, isn't it? The set here is Simply Stationary. I used letterpress paper to get a deeper, richer impression.

I'm participating in the PaperTrey Ink blog hop. You can find out more here :)

 Thank you for coming by.

Here's the inspiration photo:


  1. love that big juicy yellow bow! :)

  2. Beautiful card. That bow is just perfect. Sorry you missed the hop. Next time, post earlier on the forum for a member to help you. I guarantee you will get lots of offers to help.

  3. This is beautiful and I love the big bow - so fun! Hope that more people will see your post now. I replied to bump it up to page 2 so more people should see it now. Hope to see you on the forum more often! :) Feel free to check out my cards - I made a whopping six as I was really inspired by the colour combo - one I would usually never try! :P

  4. Aloha Kerry! Just saw your post on the forum and had to come check you out. Beautiful, elegant card! Love the CAS design with that fabulous bow that really makes it pop! And I totally agree about how some cards are easy and some take FOREVER to come together, lol! This time my blog hop came together pretty fast…that's why I actually participated this time. :O)


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