Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello Friends

I wrote a little piece for The Young Clergy Women's Project which was published today. I feel ecstatic and exposed and especially (sorry, I'll stop with the alliteration) appreciative of those of you who have come this way because of the piece.

This is mostly a card blog, but I like to put up posts about stuff I like to read like here and here and here.

Sometimes I put up 7 on Saturday or even 10 on Tuesday.

Here I wrote about hope. And here I wrote about princess parties.

If you're here to read about foster care, well, you've read the best thing I've written about it. If you want to talk any time about foster care, you can email me at kaybelle at hotmail dot com. I'd be glad to tell you about my experience.

So, thanks for coming by. I love that we're all in this together, or that's what I hope you think too. Remember, you're not alone.

Cheers, Kerry

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