Monday, April 23, 2012

Ribbon tab and soap update!

I'm back with another card using that orange and white striped ribbon I adore. It's just so happy and springy. And as an almost red-head, orange is one of my favorite colors to wear. It is also one of the colors in the Ribbon Girl Company's Challenge, along with pink and aqua. I stamped in a bright bahama blue the dogwood from Hero Arts onto the canvas. Then I added a few hues of pink gems and the orange tab and a little hand stitching.

I mentioned last week that my brother made me a soap mold. It's a gorgeous wooden thing which will make classy bars of soap. Well, I couldn't wait for it to arrive, and I went ahead and made some using some Hobby Lobby molds, recycled yogurt containers, and the container those fantastic frosted cookies come in. It works just as well, but then they look like this:

In other words, they don't look classy, but they look awesome because I made them myself from scratch. They should have cured in about 2 more weeks. I'll update you then. I'm still just so excited that I made soap, something I'd been wanting to do for about 10 years. I have found that being in my  thirties has given me a sense of adventure and the wherewithall to try things I would have previously found prohibitive. Yeah for thirties.

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  1. Lovely card - and your soap looks good! - thanks for joining in with the Ribbon Girl colour challenge, Mary G x


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