Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seven on Saturday

1. Randomly today I thought to myself "I do still love L.L. Cool J". I guess that means I'm still a lady.

2. Sketch week on the blog never got off the ground thanks to the poor girl-child's raging allergies which left her awake three nights in a row from about 1am -4am. We are far enough from the baby years to have lost that important endurance and have instead adopted the posture of zombies. We are grateful that a couple of days of steroids and increased nebulizer treatments have helped her ease back into her previous good sleeping habits. We're hoping the 'roids don't affect her mood. Ha.

3. I have now dived head first into the recipes in this book. Here's a view of the lip balm I made yesterday. Today I made another batch, this time using the cellini red mica powder I got. The light pink shade looks great, and I eventually got all the red off my hands thanks to my handy craft scrubbie. Tomorrow lotion bars.

4. I have applied for something I'm really excited about and will know about in a few weeks. It's not a new job, but it's something that will help me flex some dormant brain muscles. Brains have muscles, right? Ahem, perhaps I have made enough of a case for my need for this something.

5. My husband and I went to an alumni dinner for our Masters of Divinity program last night. It was really good to have big conversations for the sake of having big conversations. See previous mention of brain muscles. It was also good to see some favorite faculty. When I saw my advisor we exchanged small talk for a minute or two before I said, "I feel like I should give you a 3 minute data dump about everything I'm doing and thinking". She said, "I was hoping you would." And off we went. I thank God for all the inspirational, influential people who continue to care about me. It's good to be reminded of that.

6. I do not have words to express how excited I am about this:
MY BROTHER MADE ME A SOAP MOLD. Whoops, sorry. Didn't mean to shout. It'll be hand-delivered in a couple weeks when my mom and niece are here. CANNOT WAIT for all three of them to arrive.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the exciting happenings on your end, Kerry! Good luck on #4! (hope whatever you want/need, God will provide and makes it happen for you!) Have a blessed day! I'd love to see the soap mold!Can't wait to see!


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