Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I've been having a blast making soap from scratch these last few weeks. I began mid April with a basic soap recipe and a fragrance oil called Rise and Shine. It is great. We've been using it around our house, and I gave away a few bits to friends. I made it before my awesome mold from my brother arrived via Mom Courier (that is, my mom visited and brought it with her), so the shapes are from whatever I had lying around the house.

A couple weeks ago I made soap using the same recipe with Moroccan Mint soap. It smells fantastic. It needs to cure for 2 more weeks. Soap "cures" in order to fully saponify, that is let the lye do its magic and become harder. Since my soap has a high percentage of olive oil, it definitely needs the cure time. Here it is in the gorgeous mold Alex made. How cute is that little knob?

Since I was feeling crazy inspired, I made a few bars of olive oil soap, which is called Castille if its is 100% olive oil. I had a free sample of Cherry Blossom fragrance which is out of this world. I keep going over to it in our bedroom where it's curing and smelling it. I intend to buy a bunch more of it. I'll share a picture after it cures. The color is turning out really gorgeous.

And then two nights ago I made some bastille soap, which is a soapmaker joke term for soap that's mostly castille, but has some other oils in it. See how cool I am now? I know soap jokes. Ha. Anyway, I made it with buttermilk, baby food and the regular ingredients plus coconut oil. It turned out very, ahem, fragrant, probably due to the buttermilk. This was also made in a mold from Alex, this time with a PVC tube. It was tricky to get out, but thankfully I have a manly husband who hulked the caps off and didn't even complain that I woke him up to do so.

This soap will be extra mild, because of the recipe and the lack of fragrance oil and colorant (just the baby food). I've stored all the "turn now" and "Cherry blossom done today" in my ICal. Very funny to wake up and see soap instructions on my daily calendar.

I've also gone back to school part time which has been great, but by the time the end of the day rolls around, I'm totally uncreative and exhausted. Good exhausted, but nonetheless, I'm pretty sure my mojo is resting. So, I hope you like these soap pictures. Thank you for coming by. I really appreciate it.

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  1. WOW :-) I am sure this smells lovely :-) these would make wonderful gifts !! FAB :-)

    Lols x x x


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