Monday, May 7, 2012

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I had an awesome weekend. My parents and niece were visiting this weekend, and my church had a big craft fair where I displayed my wares. (That joke is not getting old) And we had a big party yesterday to celebrate my acceptance into a Masters program. So many margaritas to drink before I become a serious student. Anyway, there are cards on their way, but perhaps not today. Why not read some internet stuff instead? 

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PETA is fine but sometimes I question their priorities ~ The Bloggess
Note: She is a comedienne: "When I was little I got a duck from the carnival and he was awesome.  His name was Daffodil and he lived in an inflatable raft in the backyard with the cats.  He was very happy.  But then my mom decided he’d be happier with other ducks because he started to think he was a cat, so we let him go at the lake and then a month later all the ducks were eaten by homeless people who lived under the bridge.  This is all true.  I think the real problem here is the homeless problem.  And by “homeless problem” I mean the problem I have with homeless people eating my pets."

In which I wonder about Pinterest ~ Emerging Mummy 
"Pinterest is the fantasy league of consumerism and it speaks to the larger issues that we battle as a society: I am my image, I am what I consume, I am what I purchase, I am what I desire. How will anyone know I’m cool and quirky and fun and unique if I don’t have the stuff that proves it? We become avatars of our true self, unable to be without the proper accoutrements to display it."

Miracle Week ~Momastery
"And everybody’s always telling us to BE GRATEFUL BE GRATEFUL BE GRATEFUL and there is something to that. But for me, gratitude comes in moments, all encompassing, out of time moments- Kairos moments- and as a general knowing in the back of my head and heart. Gratitude is not always front and center for me.  And I don’t want to be bossed or guilt-ed into gratitude. Life is beautiful, and there is much for which to be grateful. But life is also tough. The big things are tough –  like I’m sick, and I’m not getting better, and the little things are tough, like – WHY IS THIS PLAYDOH SO FREAKING HARD TO OPEN? The big and the little stuff get me down. And that’s okay. No need to be grateful all the time."


  1. The gratitude police work hand in glove with the "Everything happens for a reason" defense forces. I imply no disrespect to the longstanding relationship of cause and effect. But when you tell a grieving, suffering, shattered person to cultivate an "attitude of gratitude" because "everything happens for a reason," the real object is usually to distance yourself from the other, perhaps even whispering in your own ear "I'm grateful I'm doing better than that poor sap as I naturally deserve." My periods of contented belief in a fair universe overseen by a just and loving God reveal only that my spiritual state health depends upon my life humming along splendidly and that I've come to expect matters to continue in this vein, probably in exchange for me being just so damn wonderful all the time.


  2. Great quotes. I could argue about the second two for a while, but I'll focus on bitching about Pinterest.

    My second-biggest complaint about Pinterest is that it only works for sharing things that someone else has already created on the internet. If you do something awesome and unique, you still have to post it on your own blog or site before posting it on Pinterest. It can't handle original content.

    My biggest complaint about Pinterest is that it crashes my browser every time.


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