Friday, June 15, 2012

Five on Friday

1. We're about two weeks away from a big vacation. We're going to see both sets of grandparents and either head to California or Washington, DV. And yes, we know those are two pretty distinct choices. We are fortunate in our friends and can make last minute decisions, which is helpful sometimes. I'll have more to say about that in a few weeks.

2. Our son turned four on the 5th of June which was a Tuesday. He told me that it was "Fourday", not Twoday, which I thought was pretty brilliant. I'm totally impartial, of course. We had a whole day to ourselves yesterday and saw Madagascar 3. It was entertaining, if a little bit overstimulating. We both had nice naps afterwards. What? I still nap. Not regularly, but...

3. My class (which is my first class in my masters' program in pastoral counseling) is kind of kicking my butt. It's a summer intensive, which is a crazy way to start. They compress a 14 week class into 6 weeks. Yeehaw. On the plus side, I am doing a research project on foster families and different styles of therapies. It's pretty interesting and hopefully will be useful to us.

4. My friend Katherine competed in her first triathlon on Sunday. I managed to talk her into doing one, though I think it was a pretty easy sell. We did some training together. I'm telling you this in case you're thinking about doing something crazy and need some encouragement. I am all about the crazy. Though if you've been here before, you know that already.

5. Speaking of crazy, look at the soap I made for my husband:

That is beer and bacon soap. Or as a friend suggested: "I Love Wisconsin" soap. The white flecks are from where I didn't get the colorant perfect. Still, not bad for a first try at swirling, eh? I think Ben was a little disappointed there was no actual bacon involved. The tan color will lighten up as it cures. I'm so happy with how it turned out. Soapmaking is turning out to be awesome fun.

So, what crazy thing should I encourage you in? What have you been wanting to do that you need a little push for? Is it leaving hanging prepositions? hee hee. Have a good weekend!


  1. The soap for your hubby is absolutely cracking me up...and your son is is fourday...So cute!

    Loved your post...I was crazy in my book and ran two half marathons. I think that is enough :)

  2. visiting you via Moxie Fab. That soap is hysterical!! Have a great vacation.

  3. Awesome post! Love the soap you made. :)


  4. LOL - my first thought was "BACON!!!" before I even read what it was. I thought is was a really weird fudge or something! I know what we were doing about the same time 4 years ago... my son turned four on the 6th of June! How wild is that?

    Have an awesome day... oh and give in and get that Alley Ways set - LOL! Are you a blog follower over there? You should be, she has amazing contests all the time & gives sets away!

  5. Hi Kerry! I really thought there was bacon in here, and couldn't imagine how that could get a body clean. LOL Neat looking soap! Kudos to you for making your own!!

    Thanks for leaving some love at my blog recently; I really appreciate it!


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