Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wedding Zipper

Alas, this is not some hilarious post about some wedding I officiated (I'm a minister) with a disastrous zipper. It's just a zipper card using a zipper die from PaperTrey Inc. Ta da:

It's hard to tell from my terrible photo, but where the white piece looks like it has been bitten is actually the opening for the zipper, you pull it open, and there's a message underneath. It says "Congratulations". It's kind of tricky to get it positioned correctly, because you have to put it in place before you add the white piece. It's a good challenge. I threw on some floaty heart-shaped gems and a cake stamp from the dollar bin at Michaels.

Does anyone else have these dies? I get a bit of a line around where the zipper teeth are. I wondered if it was a problem with my die cut or what. Thanks for any advice!

*This is an older card I don't think I've posted before. If I have, apologies. I still have vacation brain :)

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