Monday, August 13, 2012

Soapety Soap Soap Soap

Well, we are mostly settled into our new home. As I mentioned, one of our neighbors is a cow, another is my husband's church and the other one has a pool. Maybe? I can only see it when I peek around a bush from a distance, and that seems a little creepy. Ha ha. One of the things that has not yet appeared during the unpacking is our camera, so apologize for the quality as I share these crummy photos of my recent crafty endeavors. Instagram will only get you so far if the original picture is taken after dark.

This fun soap is scented with sandalwood fragrance. It was sold under the name "Sensuous Sandalwood" but this is family blog, so we'll stick with sandalwood :) It will be ready September 8th. The three colors are burgundy, brown and off white. Each bar looks different because of the swirl technique I used.

I made this batch of soap before we moved using a crazy fragrance called "dragon's blood". Yes, seriously. My brother chose it. The tan portion of the soap is darkening, so I'll update with a picture when it's ready in a week or so.
 And these two soaps started as the same batch. I made a regular sized batch, split it into 4 and scented each differently. The scent on the left has vanilla in it, which naturally darkens. I like both colors, and the natural component of the color. They, along with another yellow-colored soap, will be done on Friday. The brown is a complicated (in a good way) vanilla, the right is a citrus, and the other soap is called Tropical Vacation. It's a mix of mango, coconut and pineapple. The fourth fragrance did not behave itself and has been relegated to the gift basket for people we don't like. KIDDING, well, about the gift basket. That soap really has zero fragrance. So weird.  
What's your favorite soap fragrance?

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