Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some Soaps

I have more soap to share today. Behold Moroccan Mint. I've made 3 batches of this in 6 months because it is so delightful. I like to make it without color. I'm not sure why. A friend told me it looked like butter.

And what did I discover in the guest bathroom of my new-to-us home? A plant growing out of the sink. Awesome. I'm sure that's not going to be a problem. Not. But it was pretty cute.

Sorry about the blog time lag. Good stuff has been going on that's kept me busy. :)


  1. Oh, Kerry, I wish we could smell that soap right here on the blog! Your friend is right: this one does look like butter. I'll bet it feels pretty darn good to use, too!

    Lovely plant in the sink. ;) There's a cheap plastic tool you can buy at Home Depot, which looks like a giant twist tie (kind of), that helps you clean out drains without needing Drano or Mr. Plumber. It's inexpensive and gets gunk out of your drains really fast, but it's a messy job.

  2. Wow, you homemade butter-like soap looks absolutely awesome! That sink photo is too cute--hope there is not a tree growing underneath (LOL)!! And thank you for linking up your blog to my MSS giveaway!

  3. Kerry, looking through your blog at your soaps, I am wishing I lived closer! They look awesome!

    How is that sink going? Any new plants growing there recently? :-)


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