Saturday, October 20, 2012

Announcement! with edit

Hello blog friends! I am flattering myself a little bit that some of you wonder what has happened to me since September 15th that would have resulted in my blog absence. After all, I do love to blog. It was a combination of boring factors, and then this really awesome one:

Yep, my husband and I are having our second biological kiddo and we are freakin' ecstatic. I've spent the last few weeks sleeping 11 hours a day and trying not to throw up, so the cardmaking slowed a bit. That, and I can't find my inks after our move. Irritating. These sweetie stamps are from Lawn Fawn. My local Archivers just started carrying a wider selection and I couldn't resist them. The other thing I'm considering not resisting: 

I don't normally dress up for Halloween, but that's awesome. Take care!

Edit: That is not a picture of me! It's a picture of some other cute pregnant lady :) But thanks anyway Katherine! 


  1. Kerry - so happy for you and your family! wonderful news!

  2. Hoorah! Congratulations and blessing to you, Ben, and Soren!


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