Monday, January 28, 2013

Stuff I did when I wasn't here

The title is borrowed from the Bloggess, who is totally NSFW and totally outrageously fun.

Anyway, I had a crazy weekend. We went ice skating on Friday. Our son has been loving ice skating, so he and my husband go every Friday. This week I tagged along and clapped and waved (I'm 6 months pregnant and not doing anything requiring coordination to avoid falling on hard surfaces).

Saturday we had friends and family over just because. We had 5 adults and 4 kids under the age of 5. It was blessed pandemonium, just the way we like it. And then I went bananas and cut an old t-shirt up into fabric yarn, and knitted it into washcloths. Because I could, I guess. I blame the pregnancy hormones and Pinterest.

I followed that up tonight by chopping up a sweater I had gotten at Goodwill for $5 that was, ahem, too snug and too short and made a cardigan.

Ta da!

The washcloths are 3 different sizes in a deep eggplant color. Love, love. Both ideas are courtesy of Pinterest. I think I've now made about a half dozen of the 729 things I have pinned.

I am home with my son on Mondays, and we also made curtains for his room today. I'll put up pictures soon, maybe. He's presently sleeping in the room where the curtains are, so it might be a little counterproductive to bedtime to take photos :)  My sewing machine is getting a workout, which is only fair given its dormant state of the last 5 years.

I'm hoping to get some cards and soap made this week too. We'll see. It's been bananas around here. Mmm, bananas.

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