About Me

Once upon a time I was sure I wanted to be an accountant. I mean, who wouldn't want to be an accountant? I went to college, failed miserably at accounting, remembered I really thought Jesus was all right and went to divinity school so I could do religious stuff on behalf of children. Then I started working in a church. I met a gorgeous man, got married and had a gorgeous child.


After a while our little family thought it would be good to be a foster family. And we do that now too.

Oh, and this is happening next spring:

And I'm back in school while taking a break from being the boss at church. Sometimes I write about that. Sometimes I write about Jesus. Mostly I put up pictures of cards and soap and children who stand still long enough for me to photograph them. I'd sure love to hear from you. Especially if you know anything about chickens. Because that's what I'm dreaming about now.

And yes, I know that's weird.