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Hi Friends,

I'm de-stashing my yarn collection and would be delighted to sell to you some of my old beloved yarn. If you are interested in any of the yarn, please comment below or send an email to kwdueholm at gmail dot com. I will mail within 3 days using the cheapest shipping method. Please plan to pay by paypal gift function.

I have two skeins of turquoise and one skein of red Cascade 220 yarns. These are great for felting or any wool project you have in mind. Info is below the red. $5 a skein.

Fiber:100% Peruvian Highland Wool
Yardage:100gr / 220yds
Gauge:4.5s - #8 / 5s - #7
Wash:Hand Wash Cold, Lay Flat to Dry
No Bleach

Recycled wool yarn. This yarn used to be a sweater that I took apart. The color is a gorgeous coral. The yarn is medium weight (see the picture of it in my hand). I am not sure how much there is, but I am holding the smallest ball in the picture on the left, and it was bigger than my hand. $12 for the whole lot or $4 a ball.

More recycled yarn! This is a blend of ramie, acrylic, mohair, nylon and wool. I just knit up a cowl from this yarn and really like the texture of the yarn. It is a chunky weight - I used size 15 needles. $10 for all 3 balls. 

I have two skeins of this sassy Wild yarn from Moda Dea. $10 for the lot of 2.


SOLD. This wonderful yarn is recycled silk from Nepal. I have 6 skeins and am willing to split if you don't need 6 skeins of it for your gorgeous project. I am not sure how much is in a skein, but I made a skinny scarf with half a skein. $4 a skein, or $20 for the lot of 6 skeins.


This Moda Dea Tutu yarn knits up great. I made a scarf for my mom and it looks funky (in a good way). It is 92 yards for $5. I have one skein.

This fingerling weight yarn would be great for any project. I have 5 skeins. Each skein has almost 300 yards. $3 a skein or $12 for the lot. 

If you're interested and want to make a counteroffer, please do. I'd rather see these in hands of someone who will use them that waiting in my basement for me to finish the other 100 projects I have on my list :) Shipping would be $3 a lot, and I'd be happy to discount if you purchased more and I could ship together. 

We do not smoke, but we do have cats. The yarn was kept separate from the cats. 

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